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Monday, May 30, 2011

http://www.emocutez.comFinding myself~

Hye my fabulous reader.. :)
my cumil reader.. :)
gd nite yo! long time not see :)
sorry my lovely blog for being disappeared for a long time..

I just dunno what to say..
I guess..
I am..

i'm not suppose to be so..
but why??

something missing in my life?
yap.. it is.. something has been missing in my life..

maybe I should not say more about it..
try to forget it!
keep try and never give up! Yay!!
and live a normal life :)
just one thing I wish from everyone..
Please wish me luck.. :)

I think this is my emo entry huhuhu...


Thursday, May 5, 2011

http://www.emocutez.comPreview For My E-Day on 1 Mei 2011 :)

Hye Blogger2 Cumil :)

Sowey lme x update...
Ari ni terpanggil untuk update my blog neh..~

Ok, the story start with~~~~
Finally da D-Day yg ditunggu2 telah pn berlalu pada 1 Mei 2011 lepas.
Alhamdulillah, sye da pn bergelar tunang org pada hari itu. :)

Sonok, duka, lega, nebes, excited... hrmmm macam2 ada haha...

So, ni adalah preview untuk hari tersebut..

full story mane?? xnk kongsi ke??
eh..msti la nk kongsi ngan blogger2 cumil sye ni cuma.............
 pada entry akn dtg yo.. 
sbb mlm ni nk smbg layan cter Jepun (GALELIO) hohohoho~

by the way, always remember, "a picture shows a thousand words" :)

Here some pic for My E-Day! 

Cumil x?? hihi~

Rings :)

Me :)

Yuki :)

One of the preparation :)

Ready for da day :)

Excitement smile :)

I'm totally nervous rite now hihi~

Hantaran from me :)

Hantaran from him :)

This cake make everyone fellin' hungry haha :p

With my adorable girls :)

He also adorable hihi~

We are adorable too hihi :)

That all for tonight :)

arap2 sume owg ske :)

doakn jodoh sye hingga ke hujung nyawa bersamanya..

Amin :)



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