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Friday, July 1, 2011

http://www.emocutez.comMy Sleeping Partner :)

nite2 pembaca cumil.. :)
da lme sy xberblogging..

Mln ni tetibe nk blogging lak hihi..

ok, sume owg de dieowg nye sleeping partner kn, slain nyamuk, bantal busuk, fav teddy n songs kn kn..
For me, i have my own sleeping partner..hihi
ade 3 agi (bile da de husband xto mane nk cmpak haha)

3.Mone (my cat)* kdg2 je

tp skrg mone da de ank so die da xtdo ngan sy huhu...

tp plg pntg n mest ad adalah Mr.Boncit n Cupido. Both adalah present dari My.B :)

hihi..tq B.. I love them so much..
Cupido sangt cumil dgn sayap die, tp susah nk peluk die sbb 2.
Mr.Boncit mse mula2 dulu die sngt boncit tp skrg lpas kne peluk ari2 da x boncit da. :p
cmne pn sy ttp sygkn dieowg.. 
Hard to sleep without them.

Here they are..

Cupido yg cumil :)

Si Boncit yg encem :)

Mr.Boncit n Cupido :)

Mone :)

Dieowg cumil kn :)

n lg 1 mende yg sy nk share ialah my good nite songs yg best.. :)
kalo xleh tido dgr lgu ni eh sure leh t'do..haha (xto la korg tp lay sy sure tdo nye )

It call "On The Night Like This" by Mocca.

On the night like this
There's so many things I want to tell you
On the night like this
There's so many things I want to show you

Cause when you're around
I feel safe and warm
Cause when you're around
I can fall in love every day

In the case like this
There are a thousand good reasons
I want you to stay...

hope u all ske :)

sweet dream..

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