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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Contest Blog Saya Smart is start now until 20 MEI 2011

He blogger2 yg cumil :),
chat x?
da mkn ke?
ke da nk tdo?

sowey, I've been missing for a few days sbb tgh busy bt preparation for da D-day :)

Yay! yay! xsbr nk tnggu 1 Mei hihi~

Okayh, tonight just nk post some of coolest contest hihi n oso join it!
mng or kalah, lein cter kayh, try first. btl x??
thanks for PIKAH cumil sbb tag sye :)

neh contest nye!

Snang je syarat nye :)
 Nak tau syarat2 die? check out the banner's link :)

so, others yg sye nk tag n ase2 dieowg layak ialah :

Wan Hazel
Cik Epal
Mr. Rozaidi




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